Directions for Making a Buddy Burner

1. Empty, clean, and dry 6oz can, ensuring that there are no sharp edges.

2. Cut the cardboard in 1 inch (approx.) strips. Make sure that the width of the cardboard is not taller than the height of the can.

3. Roll several cardboard strips as tightly as possible and place them in the tuna can. Make sure that there is a little space between each strip. Fill the can with cardboard.

4. Melt pariffin wax in a can on a stove until it completely melted. Pour the liquid wax onto the cardboard rolls in the tuna can; be sure not to overfill and you want the can to be 97% full.

5. Allow the wax to set. (cool) (The wax does not have to be set to cook.)

6.  Wick in the center is optional.

Directions for Making a Hobo Stove

1. Empty and clean the tin-can; be careful if there are sharp edges

2. Using a can opener, puncture at least 6 holes in the tin-can on the closed side. This is for ventilation to allow the heat to escape.

3. On the open end of the tin-can, use tin snips to cut out a piece of metal big enough to allow the tuna can to slide under. This is the door for the tuna can enter and exit the tin can.